We were all created to Lead. MEL is an event created for all leaders and emerging leaders to shift the social views of true success. MEL strives to bring like-minded individuals together to learn from and network with each other, and establish new long-lasting relationships while relaxing in an environment necessary for leaders to identify with their true life’s purpose.

“My strategy is for the MEL Conference to showcase individuals from around the world who have learned to develop their personal success stories in a way suitable to encourage, empower and inspire others to do the same. That individual does not have to be widely known or celebrated. In fact, I want MEL to work as a launching pad for some of them, to expand on their personal brand giving them access to an even wider network” says creator and host, Myles Munroe Jr.


To bring together and expose leaders and emerging leaders to reshape a true view of success and what it should mean to each individual.


To engage leaders and emerging leaders in networking with each other and sharing how they can influence culture to bring about positive change in the world.


To create a generation of empowered leaders who understand their life’s purpose and are dedicated to creating their own success and sharing their knowledge with others to inspire and empower them to do the same.