Antoan Richardson

Former MLB Player, Founder/ President of Project Limestone


Antoan grew up in Nassau, Bahamas to a single mom who worked multiple jobs to provide for the family. With assistance from his grandparents they were able to have necessities. Despite his humble beginnings, he didn’t allow where his life began to limit where he could go or the impact he could have on the Bahamas and around the world. In 2011, Antoan became the sixth Bahamian to ever play in the major leagues and the only to accomplish that feat in the last 35 years.

Despite being from the Bahamas, a country not known for baseball, and not having a career as a professional baseball player as a childhood dream, Antoan insisted on going against the grain to create his own path to the major leagues. A mere two years after taking up baseball full-time in the eleventh grade, he was able to secure a baseball scholarship, be drafted on the first of four occasions and be named salutatorian of his graduating class. Upon completion of junior college, he went on to play baseball and earn a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science from Vanderbilt University. Through hard work, dedication and persistence despite numerous setbacks, Antoan was able to enjoy a 12-year professional baseball career, playing in 8 professional organizations, reaching the major league roster with 3 of them and being a part of making baseball history on September 25, 2014.

Antoan officially announced his retirement from baseball in an emotional press conference in The Bahamas in March 2017. Upon reflecting on his life’s journey up until that point, he was able to truly realize the impact that faith, mentorship, opportunity and community had on molding him in to the man he had become. Wishing he could provide his 7-year old self with a resource that would have further empowered him in his  life journey, the dream of Project Limestone was conceived. Project Limestone, a non-profit organization in the Bahamas, was introduced to the world in September 2017 via his heart felt article “My Journey Home” on The Players’ Tribune, an online platform for athletes. In this article he relives that historical night in 2014, his journey up until that point and how he hopes to use his experience to impact the lives of others.

As the founder and president of Project Limestone, Antoan hopes that the organization will educate and impact future generations to make informed choices in their lives and pursue their deepest passions. The organization’s mission is to create environments, through academics and athletics that will cultivate a curiosity for learning, as well as respect for self and others. In addition to encouraging the next generation of leaders, Project Limestone also provides a platform for older generations to give back and have a direct impact in their communities.

Antoan currently resides in Nassau, where he is intricately involved in the operation of Project Limestone and other leadership roles that allow him to influence the culture of his community and promote future change.