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Stacey Flowers

Stacey Flowers is an inspirational speaker, business strategist, and author known for connecting happiness to peak performance. Stacey has successfully navigated the world both, as a professional and a savvy entrepreneur publishing her first book in 2012: Pregnant With Purpose, and two additional books The Happy Factor: Five Key People You Need to Succeed and God Wants You to Be Happy: 3 Keys to Less Stress, More Joy, and Finding Your True Purpose. Stacey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from College of Saint Mary and a Master’s degree in Human Resources from Loyola University. She has experience in corporate consulting and motivating all ages and audiences to live a full, productive, and happy life. Daily, she dedicates time to inspire others to discover their passions and purpose for living through her life coaching services. Stacey’s personal motivation stems from life experiences as a teenage mother who triumphed over society’s expectations for success. She became the first in her family to graduate high school and pushed on as a first-generation college student. Striving to build a legacy for her son and inspire other young mothers, Stacey took the time to acknowledge her abilities and creatively use them to empower the lives of others. Stacey has published a memoir, several audio books and engaged a variety of audiences on more than a dozen life topics. Her sessions include a diversity of subjects focused on reigniting passions, driving success, discovering personal leadership, and expanding your capacity to influence. Some of her most requested topics are: “The Confidence to Lead” and “Expand Your Sphere of Influence” just to name a few. In Stacey’s pursuit of her life achievements, she has exemplified leadership while challenging her audience to surprise the world with their talents. Her entrepreneurial mind has allowed her to think creatively about not only her talents, but how she can use them to impact the world. In addition to her speaking circuit, Stacey presently consults with colleges and universities where she is responsible for coordinating postsecondary educational resources for underrepresented groups. Stacey’s hope is to teach people to live beyond preconceptions, boundaries, and limiting beliefs. She is a partner at Ambassadors Worship Center in Omaha Nebraska, USA (under the leadership of Dr. Martin Williams, who was a personal mentee of the late Dr. Myles Munroe) and the happy mother of her son Rakim.

Position: Motivational Speaker, Author
MEL Conference 2020